Why use Twitter?

August 17, 2009 at 4:07 pm 3 comments

I get asked all the time by friends, why use twitter?  After explaining it countless times, I’ve now summarised why I think you should be using it.

Twitter is AMAZING for business, I’ve gotton so much out of it and made contacts I would never usually.  I can’t rate it highly enough.

  • Essentially it allows me to have an ear to the ground in my industry, finding out when people are talking about me, my competition, or relevant information to share with my own audience.
  • Being on there that has reduced the amount of time I spend searching for content for my website and newsletter, it just essentially gets delivered to me Whereas before I had no idea of some things were going on.
  • As well as that, there are multiple members of the press who are now aware of the DonateNZ movement, as well as politicians and other influential public figures.

For personal use, you’re doing it wrong if you think its about saying what you’re up to every second of the day. Unless you’re famous or make it really funny, no one wants to hear that.

If you actually want to make Twitter work on a personal level (this could result in new work opportunities, giveaways, promotions, traffic to a cause or blog you support, allow you to meet people round the world, who knows!) make yourself interesting by:

  • Sharing cool stuff you’ve found or enjoy (link to it)
  • Be conversational (but keep it to 1-2 responses, Twitter is a meeting point not the place to have a conversation)
  • Follow people who you think are interesting and RT (essentially forward on) the things you like of theirs to your audience and they’ll do the same for you.
  • Keep it PC, don’t put anything you wouldn’t want your boss or grandma reading.

Once you get into it, make life easierby using an application like Tweetdeck so you can read everything properly.  It’s goddamn near impossible to get good results using the online page, once you get a lot of people following or follow a lot of people.

It breaks out:

  • Whats being said publicly by ppl you’re following
  • Who’s talking about you publicly (tracked by your username)
  • Who’s talking to you (privately)

It also has this handy function where you can search keywords, so you can essentially monitor whats going on in regards to anything.  If you think you’re an expert on or are particularly interested in a topic, follow keywords related to that.  Makes for lots of interesting reading and conversations.

I don’t know how long it’ll be around and successful for, but I plan to use it as much as possible while it is as the benefits are very easily achievable and worthwhile.  Hope this helps some of you get it!

(btw if you want to follow me on Twitter I’m @clairednz @donatenz & @RosesAreRedNZ)


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