Pondering some Twitter hashtags

July 8, 2009 at 11:01 am Leave a comment

You might say I’m relatively new to the world of Twitter.  However, already I like to extoll its virtues.  It’s interesting, in every conversation I have with people who don’t use it, they criticise it, claiming it’s the stupidest thing ever.  “Like I want to post what I’m doing every second of the day” they say.  They’re right, that is stupid.

What I feel Twitters strong points are:

Business & Networking :  The ability to be connecting with other businesses around the world instantaneously; pooling knowledge and making connections.  Despite being a relative newbie to the Twitter world, already it has given me so many amazing results, including increased traffic to the website, donations to my charity and making connections that realistically, would never have happened in any other way.

Eavesdropping :  Together with Google Alerts, you can hear everything someone is saying about you, your business and your competitor anywhere online.  Catch problems in real time and fix them before they become an issue.  Grab traffic before a person even gets to look at your competitiors.  Be told any time someone links to you.  It’s amazing.

Shared knowledge : This is where the personal side of Twitter can really come into play, I feel.  It’s not those “I had an UpnGo for breakfast” redundant kind of statements.  But think about it, we’ve got literally millions of people, how can we extract interesting and practical information from them.

Hence, I ponder into some new hashtag suggestions:

#musicgems+pop (or any genre following the +) – Avid music fans, if you’re like me, you’re always looking for new musical finds.  Share them with the world.  The more that’s shared a nice long list which grows for the worlds musical enlightenment.
One I’d share: “Soho Dolls, Jem, Imogen Heap, Frou Frou #musicgems+pop”

#rtydk – Random things you didn’t know – Everyone has knowledge in regards to certain topics, that people barely know about.  Share a random fact you think everyone should know.
One I’d share from my experience in the floristy industry: “100% of your $25 Interflora delivery fee goes to Interflora. Then the delivery cost comes out of the rest of the money you spend #rtydk”

#onlineshopsnz – Spotlight a cool NZ shop which deserves some exposure.
One I’d share: http://www.zestproducts.co.nz #onlineshopnz”

#salestipsnzHeard an industry secret about a massive sale happening? Found a good bargain hunting website? Share share!
One I’d share: “
Bargain hunters should know about http://www.mysale.co.nz & http://www.shopsavvy.co.nz #salestipsnz”

And just for fun...

#zeropowerSeen Zeroes? What’s your zero super power?
One I’d share: “I can pick up anything with my feet! #zeropower”

Just some thoughts, feel free to implement!


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