Speedy Gonzales work in progress

October 2, 2008 at 12:00 pm Leave a comment

Doncha love how one tasks leads on to another? I have a very fluid style of working. One minute I’ll be working on one thing, then zip over to another project for another business, say a bit of “how YOU doing” on msn, catch a youtube flick, zing in a little marketing for Roses Are Red thurr and then back to the original tasks. It gets the work done though, I couldn’t have gotton where I am today if I wasn’t good at what I do. And that is 15 things at once, all done, well and on time. There’s no rule book which says how one must get from A to B is there?

Reminds me of a comment my friend made, in regards to the music in New York, which lasted under a minute each song – “Music for the ADD” generation she called it. I’m like the working person version of those songs. I’m the ideal computer user for the ADD computer. Is this different to any modern day computer user nowadays I wonder? Or to pull an old gender stereotype, is this any different than most FEMALE computer users nowadays? Or perhaps *shock horror* in this modern day, are we all multitasking extraordonaires! Take that, sexist history.

In an event, whilst I was multitasking working on Help documentation for the new site for DonateNZ, I crossed over and edited my DonateNZ profile, adding Wishes for some of the things which would be awesome if people donated. Can you help?

I know I’m boycotting daylight savings, but I may have pushed this night a little too far. 1.30pm sign off, right, off to bed now. Hope sleep comes quickly. So many ideas and thoughts I am running out of paper at this point.


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