By golly I’ve got it!

September 30, 2008 at 12:00 pm Leave a comment

Kazam Kapow Ka-ching I have it! The golden ticket!

Well not quite, as otherwise I would be off to the chocolate factory with Charlie, however it has occurred to me how we should move forward and the mode which is going to get us there.

It occurred to me in two parts…

Part A

It’s quite clear I’m only one person and can not be in every place at once… as I surveyed through my “To-Do List” and “To Follow Up” Emails I realized how painstakingly obviously this is. I need to be out talking to the councils, to philanthropic networks and large potential Donors, in addition to handling the day to day running of DonateNZ.

There just isn’t enough hours in the day and since cloning is a few years off, I need a solution to get me EVERYWHERE. I need another me to be working even while I’m sleeping!

In the olden days this would be a fantasmical concept, really, but in this day and age, WHY NOT? Introducing Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogs – the modern day solutions.

Part B

What I also realized is that I’m also not going to get very far looking for donations working from the bottom up with large corporates. Let’s be realistic:
A. I don’t have the experience to do the hard sell in the boardroom, or moreso, to even get to that stage
B. Nor the time to pursue and present to many within an organisation before reaching the decision maker
C. Large corporates want to pick one large well known charity to donate to and crow from the rooftop about them doing so. We’re fresh, new, cool and exciting… but not likely to succeed, not the usual way in any event (ah to be working for the SPCA or PVH right now, life would be much simpler)
D. It’s an economic downturn and corporates are already bombarded by requests for sponsorship left, right and centre.
In short, if I want to succeed in finding sponsorship for DonateNZ soon, I’m going to have to be smart about this. Forget the usual methods, we need a new set of rules. Why can’t I make them come to us?

To summarise… I’ve decided I’m going to invest my time into a marketing based around ME! Well not so much about me, but more about my efforts to get DonateNZ funding and I’m going to use the beauty of modern technology to do it.

Now to try and pull in some help to do it. My question for today now is…

Would anyone be willing to, or know someone who can help me make a short Youtube video?

Will also try to utilize my own DonateNZ portal (gotta practice what we preach huh!) to try and find someone to help.

Forget just thinking nationally, let’s take this GLOBAL baby! (yeah)


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Chill Out Speedy Gonzales work in progress

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