Aesop, Melbourne

Aesop, Melbourne

I’m always interested in shop fitouts and how to make them different, especially as a refit is something we are considering at Roses Are Red. Loved the Aesop store in Melbourne – all made out of cardboard!


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Jumping ponds

As some of you may know or have guessed, I am making a move to Melbourne at the end of this week. Although it pains me to leave New Zealand and all it has to offer, as well as my family and friends, the time has come for me to explore the world and other opportunities if I am going to continue to grow as a person.

Given I am involved in running DonateNZ and Roses Are Red and will continue to be; I’m not going too far, just across the ditch. I will continue to work on these remotely from over there, as well as be popping back from time to time. I’m going over without the prospect of solid work, but I’m hoping that by throwing myself into events like StartUp weekend Melbourne, social media and other community events, I might soon find someone who can make use of my skills.

If you know anyone I should speak to in Melbourne, who can help me establish myself there, please let me know by contacting me through my twitter or linkedin.

Thank you so much to the people who have supported me on my journey till now and please do keep in touch. This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you soon! 

– Claire

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My article in Her Magazine

This February I am stoked to be one of the feature writers of the month for Annah Stretton’s “Her Magazine”. The magazine is a great read, so you should pick a copy (not to mention its got me in it!) but here’s my article which is also published on their website. Enjoy!

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Passionate about photography?

I’m a girl of many talents and interests, one of those being photography. As well as this, I’m also full of lots of bright ideas!

I think there is a heap of ways social media can be used to do some exciting stuff in the photography arena, whether you’re a professional or just passionate about it like me … so a couple of friends and I are soon going to start plotting these and putting them to action.

So you can keep up with any progressions we make and be included in the chatter, spark yourself up a column in your Twitter manager for #nzphotopeeps, which will be the hashtag we use when making any conversation or organising events. You won’t want to miss out! If you would like to be part of the first lil catchup we’re doing to plot wicked ideas, let me know.

In case you missed it, I recently created a list of NZ photo peeps on Twitter here. Follow it and if you’re not on there, just let me know. If you don’t have Twitter, that’s cool, let me know so I can mail/message/pigeon you the news, but you will have to get on there eventually to participate in what we hope to organise. Exciting stuff a ‘appening, stay tuned!

(ps. Photo above thanks to the cool people at the ImageMe Photo Frenzy Day on the weekend)

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Innovation on the Edge

I thought I would share one of my favourite quotes, from the book “Lovemarks” by Kevin Roberts.

The power of the edge is one of today’s most compelling ideas”… “When species change, it almost always occurs first at the fringes. Here the population is most sparse and the orthodoxies of the centre are the weakest. Here you can flourish isolated from formula and rules, free from the corrosive belif that everything great has always been done“.

I keep coming back time and time again to this idea, it serves as a great reminder to keep innovating and creating, to dream the impossible and make it happen! Hope this inspires you too 🙂

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What I learned at the Global Women Conference

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural Global Women Conference in Auckland. To be honest I wasn’t really too sure what to expect, with 160 women all in the same room for the whole day! However, I’d have to say the day was a flying success and will definitely attend again, if they’ll have me.

Speakers for the day included: Mai Chen, Theresa Gattung, Katrina Troughton, Jenny Morel, Bridget Liddell, Justine Munro, Mary Devine and Rt Hon Dame Jenny Shipley. A pretty stellar line up of presentators, that’s for sure.

What I liked most about the day, was that the speakers (many of them members of the Global Women Board) took the time to be around most of the day and made themselves very available to chat with. A refreshing change from the usual “fly in, fly out” approach of speakers at most conferences. As well as this, there was a hugely varied amount of topics (from China, to Australia, to Wine, to Wool!), breaks with amazing nibbles and different session styles, which were both fascinating and mind expanding.

There were many points and quotes which struck me over the day but I thought I would share my favourites:

Mai Chen said in her intro, an old quote, “If you do not change your direction, you will get where you are going”. Ponder that one.

Helen Anderson mentioned in her piece “Let’s not forget, we’re all on the same team here, Team NZ!”.

Katrina Troughton mentioned in her speech (in regards to IBM’s HR policies, although I think it has wider applications than just that):
– “If you want something to change, you have to work to change it
– If you can bring a community together, they gain strength
– Create the right environment and the results can be surprising”

Karen Fistonich’s from Villa Maria’s piece about Family Of Twelve – twelve NZ wineries (technically each others competition) who have joined forces. Working together, as opposed to in competition, has meant they are gaining greater market share for their NZ wines overseas, more promotional opportunities, cutting costs, gaining a support network and all round having a great time along the way!

Annah Stretton’s rules for success I particularly liked…
– Use 80/20 rule in business (originally from Michael Hill, which she likes to use) – spend 80% of your time doing 20% of the work, but the right 20% which will progress you forward
– D.I.E – Always act with Dignity, Integrity and Effeciency
– Trust yourself, trust your gut – we all should do it more (women especially)
– Hire the best people. Unless they tick 9 out of 10 boxes, don’t do it. It’s just short term gain for long term pain.
– Aim high with your choice of mentor. They can only say no, it’s not cancer!
– Pay it forward

From Mai Chen’s session on how to find your Niche…

– Learn the power of less. Do one thing. Do it well.
– Know what your strengths are. If you don’t know, ask others, they often have a lot more insight than you.
– Know what it is you don’t want to do.
– Hire people to do what you can’t do well.
– Working your butt off (in business) is a given, but make sure it’s doing the right thing.
– Leisure time is important. If you’re the star, the goose that will lay the golden egg (so to speak), don’t kill the goose!
– Don’t sit back and wait for opportunity to come to you. It doesn’t work that way.

Near the end of the day, before Rt Hon Dame Jenny Shipley’s fascinating talk about doing business in China, I was given the opportunity to speak to the audience about DonateNZ for a couple of minutes. See the video of what I talked about here:

Feedback on my presentation was great, so I’d like to thank the Global Women team for the opportunity to present to such a stellar audience. And for having such a great event. Look forward to the next one (aparantly early next year some time!

For more on the event in the NZ Herald here or find more information about the Global Women Network and conference here.

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Pokie machine funds in spotlight again


It is with little surprise that I hear on the news this morning that 3 of the biggest Pokie machine funders (Lion, Perry and Infinity) are being banned from making grants to trotting clubs, due to them pouring so much money into them recently ( from half a million, leapt up to $5.5 million). Read more on this breaking news on the TVNZ website here.

As this story has only just broken, I imagine this will shortly be followed by an onslaught of other media coverage and it should do – In my opinion, the distribution of pokie machine funds in NZ has long been questionable and it is about time this was brought to the general public’s attention.

It is worthwhile noting that up until the figures got so very high in this case, these foundations were within their rights to make grants to horse racing. Something about this disturbs me to the very core; that money from gambling which is supposedly earmarked for doing good in the community, is being sent back into the wealthy, racing industry (which thus promotes further gambling)!

Since incorporating DonateNZ as a charity (Donate Charitable Trust) we’ve applied for grants from the funders in question and been denied, being told in most occasions “There was not enough funds in the pool to make the grant”. As would have many other charity and community groups around the country. After hearing this latest piece of news, it is little wonder why us, and hundreds of other good causes have been missing out.

It’s about time the government stepped in to sort out the distribution of funds from pokie machines. Changes were made in the past to sort out what, in my opinion, appeared to be a very corrupt system – where the bar owners chose where the funds went, thus in most cases channelling most support into sports teams, schools or charities which they, their family, personal contacts or customers, were involved in. Now we supposedly have a system where ‘impartial’ Foundations have the right to dictate which good causes to send the funding to. However, is it naïve to think that these Foundations are completely impartial and have the community’s best interests at heart, when you see them sending such a huge amount of their funding pool back into the gambling industry?

What do you think about this issue? Do you think the government should step in? As long as pokie machine exists, the funds from such need to be distributed, where do you think they should go?

* (Another recent interesting article about pokie machine funds and horse racing scandals here)

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